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MEIDISHEET in a Nutshell!



MEIDISHEET is a mattress topper that uses sensors to map the patient body in a bed. The platform will be used to alert the staff to move or re-position the patient as they have been in the same position for a set period of time to prevent pressure injuries.

PES Fabric Cover

A type of fiber known for it’s strength, dye affinity and high luster. Polyester is derived from coal, air, water and oil. The fabric is ISO compliant and is optional if a client decides to use their own or one that comes with their mattress.

Mattress Topper Sheet with Sensors

The mattress topper sheet utilizes 1100+ sensors to map the patients body to use a proprietary algorithm to determine pressure injury risk level. Once a threshold level is reached, the appropriate staff is notified.

Technology Hardware

MEIDISHEET uses a Raspberry Pi Zero W and  7 acquisition modules  using a ARM M4 Kinetis K20  processing unit to ensure fast data acquisition and transfer.  


MEIDISHEET, at the core, is a sensor based membrane with 1100+ sensors arranged in a matrix pattern.  This mattress topper can be placed on top of the current mattress and enclosed in the medical grade zippered enclosure that comes with MEIDISHEET or one that is provided by the mattress manufacturer that will allow you to take full advantage of mattress manufacturer warranty.

In the picture to your right, the medical grade cover has the MEIDISHEET name printed on it and the mattress topper has the the wires connected to it, the topper is less than an 1/8 of inch in thickness, it fits a standard size hospital bed, with the three micro-controllers  that wrap around the side of the mattress.  

The central processing unit is a Raspberry Pi Zero W built to be extended as we deliver on new functionalities.  This mini-computer allows us to evolve the device into a smart-device that extends beyond the hospital bed.  The integration of  other sensors to collect all medically relevant data with one device reducing clutter filled bed area.


MEIDISHEET can be used in several ways! Today the topper is able to use the data collected with a proprietary algorithm to determine the risk level of a pressure injury or fall or unexpected absence and then alerts the nurse station that the patient has reached an unacceptable risk threshold.

MEIDISHEET Cloud Service


The MEIDISHEET application is built on AWS and leverages the secure and compliant services.  MEIDISHEET can be setup to be used in an individual setting and on premises to leverage the secure hospital network. 



MEIDISHEET can be set up to be used in a multi-room, multi-bed, single or multi-floor setting in a SNF, LATCH, or home setting.  The alerts are interfaced to their nurse call system using our system APIs. 



The MEIDISHEET cover is medical grade and is Waterproof, Breathable, Fireproof CRIB 5 (BS7175), Mold and Fungal Resistance, Washable with industrial process. 

Raspberry Pi Zero W


The MEIDISHEET incorporates the Raspberry Pi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, HDMI, USB and MicroSD interfaces, Class 10 16GD MicroSD and USB  for power.

Topping the world


 MEIDISHEET™ features: 1100+ sensors, nurse station implementation, Units of pressure 0 – 5000, Motionless alerts - 15 minute increments, Browser based application – Mobile Device/Desktop, data used to validate compliance



 Fall Prevention 

Roll to the edge – thresholds from 3” to 8” , 5-second intervals

• Absence Alarm, multiple time ranges, 15-minute increments

• Smart Device, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure


Introduced at National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel St. Louis, MO 2019

Yes, March 1st and 2nd at the NPUAP event in St. Louis MO, great event!!  Thank you NPUAP2019!!  

We introduced MEIDISHEET to the industry at the NPUAP event, in St. Louis, it was well received.  Yes, body mapping has been around, sensors have been around, the difference is that we created a system that provides value to all the folks that use it.  

Don't misunderstand, we do this to generate revenue, but that does not drive us, we are driven by the possibilities of NthJEN LLC to impact change, deliver positive patient outcomes and provide safety and comfort.

Thank you all for your kind words and support for our organization!

Fantastic Event!! Looking forward to 2020!

Our Vision


Standard of care

The image to the left has been floating around in cyberspace, though a cartoon, it's an accurate foreshadowing of what's about to happen if we are not careful.  In the last few years we have seen a strong push for devices, wearables and a combination of both.  The positive impact is the innovation that is being created, the negative is that there are too many devices and the clutter in the form of audio noise and proximity.  MEIDISHEET will be developed into a smart-er device, the incorporation of sensors to determine other data points and then use them to provide a safe, secure and comfortable experience for the patient.


Data, people and preventative care

Data is key, how we get that data has changed with the advent of sensors that are incorporated into wearables and devices.  As in the car of today, we use sensors to keep us in the lane, a good distance from the car in front and alerts us that the car needs service, same idea just with the human body.  We have the sensors, we have the data points...the future is now!


Pilot projects

We have the technology, we have the functionality and we can build for your specific area.  We are working with LTACHs, SNFs, senior living and home care providers.  The NPUAP2019 event created some buzz and we engaged with our first pilot opportunity.  We are currently looking to pilot MEIDISHEET in Kansas City, please contact us if you are interested in hearing more.

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